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1 Department of sport Management, Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Department of sport management, Central Tehran Branch. Islamic Azad University, Tehran. Iran

Received: 06 October 2019                  Accepted: 19 November 2019                    Published: 01 December 2019

 10.22034/JHI.2019.105764                                                                      XML Files


This study sought to evaluate the performance indicators of coaches in football development. The statistical population of the study consisted of the coaches of Iranian First Division football clubs in 2017-18. In this regard, the research method is descriptive-survey in which the data obtained from a questionnaire were analyzed running SPSS software. Descriptive and inferential statistics were also used to analyze the collected data. The results revealed that behavioral and training components, team maintenance and promotion, team and individual management, and technical and educational skills were significantly correlated with football development. However, only background and experience component has no significant correlation with football development. Given the significant correlation between the performance indicators of coaches with football development, it is suggested that the Iranian Football Federation and football clubs use these indicators in selecting their coaches and hence pave the way for football development.