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  • Umme Ceisil 
  • Ladan Abouali

Department of Social Science, Faculty of Humanities, University of Lahore, Pakistan

College of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 210046 China

Received: 21 May 2018                        Accepted: 25 Jun 2018                          Published: 01 September 2018

 10.22034/JHI.2018.70850                                                                     XML Files


Mobile telephone has empowered young generation manage their social life. D’Souza refers this because it has provided them independence to independence as personal agency. He describes that personal agency can be practiced through mobile phone in three ways; contactability, organizability and de-restriction. This study assumes these three dimensions of mobile assisted personal agency and examines its role in creating e-awareness. To test this assumption, a survey research was conducted by drawing sample (N=402) from various universities of Lahore. Results depict that mobile phone assisted personal agency plays a role in creating e-awareness among university students of Lahore. Thus following study suggests that this technology can be utilized for civic engagement and conscious rising among those who frequently use mobile phone.