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Department of Management, Islamic Azad University Abarkouh Branch, Yazd, Iran

Received: 19 December 2018                   Accepted: 28 January 2019                    Published: 01 March 2019

 10.22034/JHI.2019.80893                                                                        XML Files


The work conscientiousness is a new term that has attracted the attention of the top managers in Iranian organizations. However, no big attempts have been done in order to identify and to use the work conscientiousness governance in society. Work conscientiousness can be defined as real consent and commitment to the determined task for the people. With this condition that if there is no supervisory system, the person fulfills his tasks to his/her best. Work conscientiousness is one of the most important elements of ethics. It is also really important in Iranian culture. Work conscientiousness is rooted in our culture and beliefs. It is also an important category that is among human motivations and inclinations. Motivations and inclinations area is among the most basic existential and perceptual area of the human being. According to this, we can consider work conscientiousness as one of the most basic factors in the individual and social behaviors. The present study tries to assess the work conscientiousness in the organizations and find ways to improve it.