Journal of Humanities Insights is a cross-disciplinary journal with the aim of publishing original research articles which are as a result of new scientific findings and, timely state-of-the-art reviews and current research news including the principal and practical research in all areas of  Social Communication by the students, researchers, academics and industrialists and to addresses the growing need for professionals, engineers, technocrats and policymakers in society, who can apply best management practices drawn from various inter-disciplines, which may create sustainable future. The Journal of Humanities Insights publishes original and innovative research that is probable to be of wide general appeal. This journal provides information about areas of Social Science, providing a rapid revelation of the fundamental elements of a study, publishing primary and theoretical results on social science, cross-cultural studies, demography, development studies, sociology, social welfare, religious studies, and women studies.



An extensive outline of the journal’s scope comprises of peer-reviewed original research articles, case studies, technical reports, research reviews, short communications, notes to the editor, letters to editor, and authors’ response about letters to the editor in interdisciplinary information on the practice and status of research in the Social Communication.